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labelGGFM - Only one spirit by Tadahiro Nitta

labelGGFM - Only one spirit by Tadahiro Nitta

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labelGGFM presents Only one spirit Tadahiro Nitta

Tadahiro Nitta is a renowned composer who has made a lasting impact on the world of MSX gaming. He is best known for captivating players with his incredible melodies and innovative sound design for classic Microcabin games such as Fray in Magical Adventure, Illusion City and the first three games in the Xak series, as well as adapting Nobuo Uematsu’s iconic music for the MSX release of Final Fantasy. He has now composed music for OPLL (YM2413) for the first time!

This chipsound cartridge includes 2 songs:

  1. G-G TROIS 3:15
  2. I-T SEQUENCE 1:50

Programmer (Driver): itoken
Product name: [Cartridge for GGFM] "Only one spirit" / Tadahiro Nitta
Genre: Sound cartridge
Model number: G-FM0001
Contents: Paper box package, software *Instruction manual, inner box, and soft case are not included.

The autograph of Tadahiro Nitta is printed on the back side of the package!
*In commemoration of this cartridge, one "Package for Kyouka-chan (for G.G.)" by the circle "Package Enhancement Team" will be attached as a bonus.

The cartridge shell is made by Retro Six. Please note that the sound cannot be played on G.G. machines without the "GGFM" module installed.

For high quality sound enjoyment, premium speakers, external speakers, headphones, or earphones are recommended.

Only a GameGear with SYF GGFM module can play this cartridge!

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