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This is an adapterboard to add a FFC flat cable connector to a GGLCD kit.

This flat cable matches with the FFC connector on the GameGear Mainboard 315-5535 v1.5 and later revisions.

Installation is simple,use the supplied headers to mount the board on top of the GGLCD board. If you have a mainboard with a BV/GG pad; connect the 2 solder pads on the adapterboard. In case your mainboard is missing this solderpad, you have to manually wire the CSYNC to the CS pad on the mainboard.

Once the board is attached to the mainboard, insert the flat cable with the blue tab facing up. Fasten the flat cable by pushing the level on the back down. Make a 90 degree angle in the cable and insert the other side into the mainboard connector, also the blue tab facing up.

No more messy wire installation, this is so far the cleanest way to install a LCD kit!

Note: GGLCD kit is not included.

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