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Game Gear stereo sound board v1.7

Game Gear stereo sound board v1.7

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This is a brand new manufactured sound board compatible with your Sega Game Gear, using all new components. The board is a drop-in replacement; disconnect the 2 connectors, remove the 2 screws and install the new board. No adjustments needed to your Game Gear!

In this version I have added stereo speaker support, which is giving you the option to connect a 2nd speaker. Currently there is no drop-in shell available, so you need to drill and mount the speaker with your own creativity. There are some 3D printed parts available to help you. To enable the stereo speaker output, you need to switch the little switch to stereo, if you just have 1 speaker connected, leave it on mono.

The board is build with the same schematic as the original sound board, however during testing I measured less noise when I mounted a larger bypass capacitor. This also removes most of the noise when you install a new aftermarket LCD kit. To proof this I have added the test results with MDFourier, where I compared a VA0 sound board with my own version.

All parts are picked based on quality:

  • Original ST Microelectronics TDA2822D amplifier chip with a total harmonic distortion of 0.2%
  • Panasonic TPE/TPC-series POSCAP tantalum capacitors
  • Murata ceramic capacitors (NPO)
  • 3mm thick volume wheel, no gaps in the shell
  • PCB with ENIG finish

Please verify if you  have a Tyco AMP CT connector (most common) or JST PH connector (P3-serial numbers and USA 2110K or 2110G models).

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