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Game Gear stereo sound board v1.8

Game Gear stereo sound board v1.8

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This is a brand new manufactured sound board compatible with your Sega Game Gear, using all new components. The board is a drop-in replacement; disconnect the 2 connectors, remove the 2 screws and install the new board. No adjustments needed to your Game Gear!

In this version I have added stereo speaker support, which is giving you the option to connect a 2nd speaker. To enable the stereo speaker output, you need to switch the little switch to stereo, if you just have 1 speaker connected, leave it on mono.

The board is build with the same schematic as the original sound board, however during testing I measured less noise when I mounted a larger bypass capacitor. This also removes most of the noise when you install a new aftermarket LCD kit. To proof this I have added the test results with MDFourier, where I compared a VA0 sound board with my own version.

All parts are picked based on quality:

  • Original ST Microelectronics TDA2822D amplifier chip with a total harmonic distortion of 0.2%
  • Panasonic TPE/TPC-series POSCAP tantalum capacitors
  • Murata ceramic capacitors (NPO)
  • 3mm thick volume wheel, no gaps in the shell
  • PCB with ENIG finish

Please verify if you  have a Tyco AMP CT connector (most common) or JST PH connector (P3-serial numbers and USA 2110K or 2110G models).

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