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Game Gear capacitor kit VA0/VA1

Game Gear capacitor kit VA0/VA1

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This kit includes all the capacitors needed to resolve the most common SEGA Game Gear issues, like dim scree, no sound or no power. This kit includes all capacitors for a VA0 (dual ASIC) or VA1 (single ASIC) model.

The capacitors are selected carefully to match the original specifications, but also to fit nicely in the housing. Most of the capacitors are miniature models, which fit in the original spot. Other kits provide bulky capacitors of 5x11mm, which do not fit properly!


  • 2x Rubycon 100uF/10V – 5x11mm
  • 1x Rubycon 68uF/25V – 5x11mm
  • 1x Rubycon 33uF/10V – 4x7mm
  • 1x Rubycon 22uF/6.3V – 4x5mm
  • 1x Rubycon 4.7uF/35V – 4x5mm
  • 2x Rubycon 0.47uF/50V – 4x5mm
  • 4x Rubycon 10uF/25V – 4x5mm

Power board:

  • 1x Panasonc 820uF/6.3V – 10x12.5mm
  • 1x Panasonic 100uF/25V – 6.3x11mm
  • 1x Panasonic 22uF/50V – 5x11mm

Sound board:

  • 3x Panasonic 100uF/10V – 6.3x5.8mm SMD
  • 2x Panasonic 47uF/6.3V – 4x5.8mm SMD

All capacitors are high quality brands with a new date code!


Pictures of the SEGA Game Gear board are for installation reference – these are not included!

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