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Funnyplaying v3.1 FFC adapter kit

Funnyplaying v3.1 FFC adapter kit

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This is an adapterboard to add a FFC flat cable connector to a Funnyplaying v3.1 kit.

This flat cable matches with the FFC cable on the GameGear Mainboard 315-5535 v1.5 and later revisions.

Installation is a bit more complex;

  • Use 5x SMD headers to solder the 3 button pads, check if the pads are touching the button pads before soldering to the adapter board
  • Use 1x SMD header to solder the SMS pad, this pad is only of support
  • Use the 7x2 header to solder the signal and power connection

Once fitted to the mainboard, insert the larger 14-pin flat cable with the blue tab facing up. Fasten the flat cable by pushing the level on the back down. Make a 90 degree angle in the cable and insert the other side into the mainboard connector, ensure the blue tab is facing up. Next to this use the small 10-pin flat cable to connect the FFC connector on the left side of the mainboard, ensure the 2 blue tabs are facing up.

Note: the button combination is Start, Button 2, UP

Note: Funnyplaying v3.1 LCD kit is not included,

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