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BennVenn FPC ribbon

BennVenn FPC ribbon

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The BennVenn FPC ribbons make the installation of a BennVenn kit clean and simple. Keep in mind, the FFC/FPC connector is added on all dual-ASIC SYF mainboards (all versions) and SYF single-ASIC mainboard v1.5 and above. The installation is very simple:

  • Overlay the ribbon with the pads on the BennVenn board
  • Solder the pads one-by-one
  • For default scaling mode stretch to window, bridge the center and left pad
  • For default scaling mode horizontal integer stretch, bridge the center and right pad
  • Screw the frame to the mainboard
  • Slide the board into the frame
  • Connect the ribbon to the FPC connector on the mainboard, push down the lever to fixate it

Special instructions for the GGHD variant:

  • VCC, I/O, GND pads are to connect the touch sensor
  • the long BL wire needs to connect to green brightness board, to the pad under R12

The previous option, a small adapter board is also still available. This is an adapterboard to add a FFC flat cable connector to a BennVenn IPS kit.

Installation is simple; place the adapter board on top of the BennVenn IPS kit PCB and solder the pads. Take your time to do this to ensure all solder flowed on the pads below it. Once installed it might be the PCB is loose from the LCD panel, for this some double sided adhesive tape is included.

Use the little screws to assemble the kit on the mainboard, once fitted insert the flat cable with the blue tab facing up. Fasten the flat cable by pushing the level on the back down. Make a 90 degree angle in the cable and insert the other side into the mainboard connector, ensure the blue tab is facing up.

This version has added support to select the display modes for pad 4, this is an optional step you can do, bridge the middle pad to one of the 2 pads;

  • Left pad "shrink to window"
  • Right pad "horizontal strechted"

No more messy wire installation, this is so far the cleanest way to install a LCD kit!

Note: BennVenn IPS LCD kit is not included

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