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BennVenn GGHD video-out adapter kit

BennVenn GGHD video-out adapter kit

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This is an adapterboard to directly mount the BennVenn GGHD video-out kit to the mainboard. This adapter board is using the test pads on the bottom and it makes it possible to do a full wire-free installation!

Installation is simple;

  • Solder the small PIN header to the adapter board - use the pads so the board is touching the cartridge slot!
  • Solder 2 large PIN headers supplied with the GGHD kit to the adapter board
  • Place the Tang Nano 9K (GGHD board) on top of the 2 PIN headers- Solder the PIN headers to the Tang Nano 9K board
  • Solder the entire small PIN header to the mainboard Note; it might be the case you need to cut a bit from the screw post
Note; Mainboard or BennVenn GGHD kit are not included
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