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I have received a lot of questions if I would sell my RP5H01 programmer. One of the reasons why I did not start selling it directly was, the programmer was still a prototype, which was built of 3 different boards. Right now, I have a working prototype with all components on 1 board.

I have etched the current prototype board at home. Since I am not able to etch a SSOP package (very small IC package), the FTDI FT232RL chip is still in a SSOP to DIP converter. Currently I have a board design ready, which I can be printed by a professional PCB printing factory, so no more converters needed. I have also spent some time to improve the software of the reader and programmer.

The Ricoh RP5H01 is a 64+8 bit PROM which is used in Nintendo PlayChoice-10 and SuperSystem games as a security chip.

Specifications of the programmer board:
- Reading and programming of Ricoh RP5H01 chips
- USB bus powered
- Small board design (5x5 cm)
- Programmer is using a FTDI FT232RL USB controller, makes it future proof
- USB bus powered
- Saving and opening files using the MAME Ricoh RP5H01 dump format
- No external 21v VPP power source needed, DC-DC booster on board
- Software is tested on Windows 7 and 8, 32 and 64bit versions

Prototype programmer

The software will only accept the known dumps from the exiting PlayChoice-10 and SuperSystem games. The games Ninja Gaiden 3, Virus, Bases Loaded will not be accepted by the software. I have set this limitation to avoid a mass reproduction of rare and prototype games. If you need to have other dumps allowed by the software, feel free to contact me.

Interest check: This is currently an interest check, if I can find 5+ people who are committed to buy one, I will start the production of the boards. The boards will be priced 200 euro. If you are interested, feel free to contact me.

First 3 submitted buyers will receive a board with a DIP-8 ZIF socket (like on the picture), other buyers wil receive a normal DIP-8 socket. (sorry, my source is out of stock)
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